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EV owner sheds light on frustrating pattern happening at charging stations in area: 'It's a real issue'

"Why would somebody do this!?"

"Why would somebody do this!?"

Photo Credit: Reddit

Even though electric vehicles offer motorists numerous benefits, including cheaper refueling costs, less need for maintenance, and a reduction in air pollution exposure, some don't seem to be happy about their growing popularity.

People have been taking to social media to share examples of cut cords at charging stations and other vehicles parked in spots reserved for EV drivers who need to boost their cars' batteries.

Some have even found EV charging infrastructure damaged with raw meat, perhaps because those with anti-EV views conflate vegetarianism or veganism with wanting to drive a car that's kinder for the planet.

But this trend isn't exactly recent in the grand scheme of things. As far back as two years ago, one Californian was seeing destruction on a regular basis.

"A local charging station has been vandalized multiple times, it is in a bank parking lot and next to a police station!" they captioned a post on the Reddit community r/evcharging, wondering how people have the nerve to do this kind of damage in an area that would likely have cameras or where police are present.

"Why would somebody do this!? Anyone experience anything like it?"

They also added a selection of pictures showing the vandalism, with the navigation screen of a charger smashed to pieces.

"Why would somebody do this!?"
Photo Credit: Reddit

Sadly, other EV drivers had seen similar situations. 

"It's a real issue that's plaguing the EV charging industry and drivers suffer the pain and cost," one user said.

Indeed, despite charging options increasing across the United States — partly thanks to initiatives set out in the Inflation Reduction Act — turning up to a charging point only to find it can't be used is seriously frustrating for EV drivers. The next-closest charging station might be near a car's range limit, which would increase anxiety about being able to refuel.

"I've certainly heard of people stealing the cable to sell for scrap copper, but this is just pointless vandalism," another user said, suggesting a possible explanation for why cables are being stolen.

But whatever the reason, EV drivers sadly have to deal with the consequences. Owning a vehicle that is significantly kinder to the environment than gas-guzzling alternatives can help you feel like you're making a difference to ensure the future of the planet. Unfortunately, it seems not everyone wants to help in your environmentally positive quest.

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