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Home gardener shows off impressive method to repurpose old cat litter containers: 'You would never know it was a kitty litter bucket'

"Super adorable idea."

"Super adorable idea."

Photo Credit: iStock

Having a pet can fill your home with a fuzzy friend and lots of love and affection. Cat litter, dog food, and toys are necessary and fun, but all take up a ton of space. One pet owner found an ingenious way to upcycle cat litter containers.

In a series of photos posted to Reddit, one user shared how they created lovely planters out of large kitty litter containers. The post shared to r/upcycling contains three photos, each showing an upcycled little container painted black. Each container also has a beautiful mandala design and is full of lovely purple flowers. 

"Super adorable idea."
Photo Credit: Reddit

In the comments, the original poster gives some more details on the process of creating these planters: "Thanks for the love! I used black spray paint for plastic, painted my mandalas with acrylic paint, then sealed with a spray outdoor sealer. They sit outside, rain or shine! I paint mandalas, it's my thing!" 

Upcycling is a great way to give items in your house —  including trash — new life. Teen Vogue wrote about the benefits of upcycling: "First of all, you are diverting things from going to a landfill. Landfill emissions not only pose a risk to people, plants, and animals in the vicinity but can also infiltrate the soil and migrate into nearby environments. Second, buying fewer new things means using less resources which is overall better for the environment since manufacturing causes carbon emissions."  

Upcycling is also good for your wallet, as it saves you the expense of having to go out and purchase new items. 

In addition to the benefits of reducing your waste and saving money, upcycling is a great way to get creative. DIY projects extend the life of your items, plus they can become something new and beautiful. In addition to upcycling kitty litter buckets, you can get creative with old furniture, retired jeans, and bed sheets

Folks in the comments were incredibly impressed with this Redditor's skills. One person wrote,
"Super adorable idea - they came out very cute!"

Another commenter said: "Very, very nice! Once the flowers start going over the top bump out areas you would never know it was a kitty litter bucket!" 

Finally, someone chimed in, "So cool and inspiring."

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