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Homeowner outraged after lawn service sprays garden against their wishes: 'They said someone would call back'

"Document the visit from True Green when the guy shows up."

"Document the visit from True Green when the guy shows up."

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A homeowner in northeast Massachusetts recently shared their frustration on Reddit after the lawn care company True Green accidentally treated their yard with herbicides and synthetic fertilizer despite the homeowner never ordering the service.

In the post on the r/NoLawns subreddit, the homeowner explained that the wayward treatment ended their four-year streak of avoiding herbicides and synthetic fertilizers on their property. 

Even worse, the chemicals used by True Green, which included barricade, Escalade 2, and an unspecified "fertilizer," likely killed off the native wildflowers the homeowner had planted last year as part of a meadow they were cultivating.

The service note left by True Green listed a name the homeowner did not recognize, further adding to the confusion. When the poster called True Green, "They said someone would call back."

In an update, the homeowner said they discovered their neighbor had ordered the service, and the similarity of their addresses (123 vs. 125) led to the unfortunate error.

This troubling incident highlights the risks that careless herbicide and fertilizer use can pose to our environment and to homeowners striving to maintain eco-friendly yards. Native plants like the wildflowers this Redditor was cultivating provide crucial habitat and food for pollinators, improve soil health, and reduce the need for wasteful lawn watering and mowing.

Redditors were quick to offer advice and support for the original poster.

"Document the visit from True Green when the guy shows up," one commenter suggested. "Ask him why it was done if the address was blatantly wrong. Was this intended as a 'freebie' to try and show off 'how much better' the lawn can look to entice repeat customers?"

Another Redditor recommended a firmer approach: "I would converse with branch manager and be firm that you expect financial reimbursement or replacement. If not branch manager then regional, if its corporate owned. If its locally owned, I would speak with the franchise owner. Be up front and honest about what you expect."

With determination and the backing of environmentally-conscious neighbors, this homeowner can hopefully receive fair compensation and begin restoring their precious meadow.

In the meantime, their story is a potent reminder to be mindful of the far-reaching impacts lawn care choices can have. By opting for native plants over pristine grass, we can create vibrant yards that give back to our local ecosystems and push the needle toward a healthier future for people and the planet alike.

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