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Gardener shares 'beautiful' image of their impressive summer tomato haul: 'This is what roughly 100 tomato plants will get you'

"This is the most beautiful picture I've seen in my life."

Tomato harvest, impressive summer tomato haul

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Can there ever be such a thing as too much produce? Your candy-loving pre-teen may say yes, but many would say no. One Redditor is testing this out, showing off their impressive tomato harvest in a Reddit post

The photo features their dining room table that is almost completely covered in tomatoes. The caption reads, "This is what roughly 100 tomato plants will get you … weekly." 

Photo Credit: u/celestial_gardener / Reddit

The poster explained that they've been finding creative ways to use up the tomatoes — eating them right from the vine, giving them away, and making lots of tomato-based recipes like shakshuka, salads, and tomato sauce. 

The comments were filled with additional recipes that users enjoy — and most were quite simple and healthy, like mixing them with feta, avocado, and onion with sweet balsamic dressing. Other suggestions included salads such as a caprese, burrata, or horiatiki salad. 

While this particular Redditor may be a bit overwhelmed by the number of tomatoes, it goes to show that home gardens are no joke when it comes to producing fruits and veggies. 

They're a wonderful way to pick up a new hobby while also having the potential to save you a decent amount of money each year at the grocery store. One comment mentioned that heirloom tomatoes are going for $4.99 a pound where they live. 

Maybe you're not a tomato fan, but there is a variety of easy-to-grow produce that will give you your pick of fresh fruits and veggies. Plus, if you end up with too large of a crop, you can give them away as gifts, and some produce can even be frozen for later. 

Planting your own garden is great for the environment, too — you'll be actively helping to combat planet-warming gases. Currently, 11% of the world's air pollution is a result of the agricultural industry. 

Comments on the Reddit post were full of enthusiasm and excitement over the large harvest. 

"I'm jealous! I'd love to have this many tomatoes … [I could make] passata for the whole year," one Redditor wrote

Another wrote, "This is the most beautiful picture I've seen in my life."

Other users jumped in with more recipe suggestions — some quite enthusiastically. "Tomato basil jam will change your life," added another.

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