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TikToker reveals the fastest — and easiest — way to clean red wine spills off your carpet: 'I didn't know that'

"Will be very useful for tonight."

Club soda to tackle stubborn red wine spills

Photo Credit: @cleanthatup/ Tiktok

If you've ever spilled red wine and wanted to clean up the mess without using chemical cleaners, this may be the way to do it. 

One popular TikTok has a brilliant, non-toxic wine-cleaning hack that'll make your wine stain go away in a matter of minutes.

The scoop

In a recent video, TikTok user Clean That Up! (@cleanthatup) shares their unusual hack for cleaning up red wine spills from carpets — and all it takes is a simple beverage you might already have in your fridge.

The user shows a pretty substantial spill of red wine on their carpet, then starts the clean-up process with a towel and a bottle of club soda.

"First, take a towel and apply pressure, soaking up as much of the wine as possible," the user explains. "Then apply club soda to the spot and dab with a white towel. Continue this process until the spot is completely gone."

Since club soda is just carbonated water, it won't contribute to additional stains on the carpet, unlike other stain-cleaning hacks.

The user also recommends using white vinegar on older spills if you can't apply club soda to the stain quickly.

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How it's helping

By cleaning up everyday messes with household items you already have on hand, you save money and time by avoiding the need to purchase additional cleaning supplies. 

Additionally, many cleaning supplies have harmful environmental and health impacts that you can avoid by using non-chemical products. Chemical cleaning products contain volatile ingredients that affect us when they evaporate and wash down drains, and many of these components break down very slowly, which causes harm to aquatic life and underwater ecosystems, according to the Environmental Protection Agency

Cleaning products also usually come in plastic containers that are frequently thrown away instead of recycled, resulting in the pollution of our environment as they sit in landfills, contributing to the dangerous overheating of our planet.

By using products you already have at home to clean up spills, you can reduce your use of harmful chemicals and shrink your personal waste output.

What everyone's saying

Users shared their excitement about the club soda hack in the comments.

"Thanks! Will be very useful for tonight 🤪🍷," one user writes.

"I didn't know that," another says.

"I am sold! You are genius!!" another user comments.

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