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Lucky shopper stuns internet after finding high-end luxury watch at a thrift store: 'I was blinded by the crystals'

The watch has minimal signs of wear, it functions properly, and it was even set to the wearer's local time.

A shiny gold Swarovski watch caught

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During a trip to a thrift store, a shiny gold watch caught a Redditor's eye among the piles of secondhand jewelry. When they realized it was a Swarovski watch, they had to have it. 

In a Reddit post, the user shared photos of the sparkly black and gold Swarovski crystal watch they found at the thrift store. It has minimal signs of wear, it functions properly, and it was even set to the Redditor's local time. 

The original poster estimated the watch was made around 2015 from the Swarovski Crystalline Oval collection. It has Swarovski's signature branding and serial number, meaning this watch is likely the real thing.

"I was blinded by the crystals," the Redditor wrote, happy with their purchase. 

Swarovski watch
Photo Credit: u/skellefteamannen / Reddit
Swarovski watch
Photo Credit: u/skellefteamannen / Reddit

Swarovski has become an iconic jewelry brand known for its sparkly storefronts adorned with crystals, gemstones, and metalwork. 

Daniel Swarovski, an Austrian crystal-cutter, founded the company in 1895. He revolutionized the jewelry industry, hoping to make crystal more accessible by famously saying he would create a "diamond for everyone." 

Today, the brand makes a variety of jewelry, watches, accessories, and home decorations. 

Swarovski even partners with luxury fashion brands to embellish styles with twinkling crystals and gems. Every year you'll see Swarovski crystals gracing the catwalks of fashion week shows from Paris to New York. 

Thrifting jewelry, especially luxury pieces from brands like Swarovski, can help you save on accessories.

While this watch is likely from 2015, current pieces from the crystal collections retail for hundreds of dollars. Buying preowned products from the thrift store is usually significantly cheaper than retail prices, meaning this watch was likely an incredible deal.

Additionally, thrifting clothes and accessories extends products' life spans. This watch could have ended up in a landfill instead of on this Redditor's wrist and would have been a waste of resources and energy used to produce it. 

This thrift-store find shows that secondhand shopping is a win-win for both the consumer and the environment.

Fellow Redditors were impressed by the user's new watch in the comment section. 

One user wrote: "Amazing find!!" 

"Happy exploring hope you get some more good finds!" another Redditor said

And in case anyone thought the watch might be a fake, a watch repairer by trade entered the comments to say, "This looks legit to me." Then they offered the original poster some tips on how to set the watch. 

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