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Festivalgoer issues PSA after encountering recurring issue: 'Say it louder for the people in the back'

"It is a ripple effect."

"It is a ripple effect."

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People spend hundreds to thousands of dollars per year going to stadiums, festivals, and local venues to see their favorite musicians and DJs perform. The aftermath, however, can be just as costly as the tickets.

TweenkBoosieChase (@tweenkboosiechase) shared some advice in a TikTok post that starts by saying: "Raving and trash — let's talk about it."

@tweenkboosiechase Start getting into the habit of picking up trash everywhere you go, mother earth will love you! ITS A RIPPLE EFFECT <3 #litter #musicfestivaltrash #edmtok #ravetok #trash #pickuptrash ♬ Amnesia - Subtronics

The concept is simple: If you see any trash on the ground after an event, pick it up and make a habit of it.

"It is a ripple effect," the TikToker promised.

Speaking from experience after picking up trash with their friends after shows, the TikToker says that other people follow suit. Not only is the staff grateful, but Mother Earth can breathe a bit easier. 

TweenkBoosieChase also mentions this advice isn't solely for music lovers but applies to anyone who plans on leaving their house.

Crowds tend to create a mob mentality. It's how chants gain traction and why phenomena like "the wave" are possible. Most people are swayed by example

Music certainly draws people together, but it comes with consequences. Forbes noted that an average music festival produces 500 tons of harmful carbon pollution, per analysis from Greener Festival Report. An article in the Trinitonian reported that music festivals produce over 25,000 tons of waste each year — and of all the recyclable waste, only 8% is properly recycled.

If people see that others are leaving their trash on the ground, they are likely to mimic the behavior. However, it's important to remember that the opposite action is equally true and that change for the better is possible.

Just like holding major corporations accountable can drive change, we can inspire changes to festival standards. The "leave no trace" approach is a great rule of thumb for everyone at any time — whether you're camping, at a festival or sporting event, having a picnic in the park, or at the movies.

The call to action was met with solidarity and like-minded ideas on ways to minimize litter at music venues.

"Green teams are a great way to get involved at ur fave festivals!!!! There's always applications online," one commenter recommended.

"Bring a bag for trash!!!" said another. "It sets such a good example for others!!"

"Say it louder for the people in the back!" another TikToker exclaimed.

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