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Recent college grad shares her simple tip for saving money on campus: 'It's a scam'

"I wish I knew [this] as an incoming student!"

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For many students, college is often an era defined by having very little money but needing to spend a ton of it. There are books, supplies, food, and dorm furniture, not to mention tuition, which is continuing to get more and more expensive

That's likely why a recent video from Instagrammer Marissa (@worthnotwaste) gained so much attention. In it, the recent college grad explains how she saved money in school — while also making her study habits more sustainable.

The Instagrammer shared several tips, although many fell under the same theme. If you can get something used, Marissa argues, then do it. 

Her first such suggestion? Never, ever buy your books new. 

"Rent or get books secondhand," she says in the clip. "Do not buy if possible. It's a scam, and wasteful."

The average college student spends over $1,200 per year on books, according to the Education Data Initiative. The average college textbook now costs over $100 to buy.

Meanwhile, rentals or used books can go for a fraction of the price online. Additionally, e-books go for about 32% less than their new, printed counterparts. All of these measures prevent you from purchasing a new book, which wastes money, creates waste, and encourages the production of even more new books. 

Many of Marissa's other tips struck the same balance between cost-saving and eco-friendly waste reduction.

For furniture and decorations, the Instagrammer recommended using hand-me-downs or shopping for used items on Facebook marketplace. She also suggested joining your town's "Buy Nothing" Facebook group, where users list free items they want to get rid of. 

Instagram commenters largely praised the video.

"Lots of good tips here," one user wrote.

"These are all great tips I wish I knew as an incoming student!" another agreed. "I still have one semester to try these!"

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