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This CEO is calling out the fashion industry with her campaign for a 'susty' approach to clothing

"Yes, there are problems that we're facing [in] the world, but here's what we can do."

Jazmine Rogers, Sustainable Baddie

Photo Credit: Sustainable baddie

Jazmine Rogers thinks outside the box. Each day, she creatively makes sustainability fun, fresh, and accessible.

As founder and CEO of Sustainable Baddie, a holistic company that celebrates small things everyone can do to make the planet more habitable for all, Rogers stands for a livable, joyful future through sustainability. She lives this mission through her full-time sustainable fashion and lifestyle content creation, with the goal of spreading "susty" (sustainable) living in a fun, positive way to as many as possible.

Rogers found her way toward sustainability solutions from growing up in a low-income household, where she was doing many inherently sustainable things, like mending her own clothes, thrifting, and otherwise shopping very little. 

She began studying fashion merchandising in college only to discover the pitfalls of the industry. She just didn't feel right about being in the industry without helping to affect change. It was from there that Rogers started her fashion blog to document her journey and share her learnings. 

As an entrepreneur, Rogers knows that the issue of sustainability and changing habitual, lifestyle routines can be pretty tough — even scary. So, through Sustainable Baddie, Rogers and her team aim to reduce this by offering "hope and refuge for the climate anxious through creativity and style, while providing sustainable lifestyle advice through diverse voices."

They're doing this with light, fun, and positive content centered around "imperfect sustainable living and fashion" including recommendations and eco-friendly items.

Rogers does this on her personal TikTok, for example, by showing how you can use clothing swaps to find fresh, new looks. All of this helps lessen overall waste, emissions, and financial burden.

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In an interview with Nylon.com, Rogers explained how she tries to stay positive when thinking about the future of the fashion industry. 

"I try to focus on finding the balance between being optimistic, as opposed to toxic positivity, because I know it's easy to cross that line," she said. "I try to show that yes, there are problems that we're facing [in] the world, but here's what we can do. I don't like to bring something to the forefront if it doesn't have a solution, or just dump it on people."

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