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Treasure hunter reveals how they scored a trendy green suede couch for just $65: 'What a great deal'

"It looks super comfortable."

Suede couch

Photo Credit: u/hightopsinthesummer / Reddit

Doesn't it seem like everyone has a green sofa? A quick scroll through Instagram and TikTok and you're sure to see one of your favorite influencers lounging on an emerald velvet couch. 

But dropping major dollars on a new couch every time a new trend comes along can get pricey (and wasteful). That's why one Reddit user just hit the thrifting jackpot, finding a trendy green couch for a major discount. 

The Redditor recently posted about the win of all thrifting wins in r/ThriftStoreHauls, sharing how they found a green suede couch for just $65. 

In the original post, the Redditor explains that they were in the market for a $700 velvet green couch. But a quick trip to Salvation Army resulted in a dreamy dupe. 

"I just moved into my first apartment and wanted a green couch sooo bad," they write. "I've been saving to buy a velvet green couch sometime next year, but I just found this one so I had to buy it! It's suede instead of velvet, but for the price I couldn't pass it up."

Commenters were quick to point out how nap-worthy the purchase looked, with many lauding the lucky find.

"Oh good! What a great deal, it's so cute!! The color is amazing," one commenter writes

"It looks super comfortable," another agrees.

The post is a great reminder of the gems that can be found when thrifting. With an estimated 12.1 million tons of furniture thrown away in 2018, there's plenty of furniture just waiting to be snagged.

It's no wonder thrifting seems to be everywhere — with the post using the hashtag #Thrifting dominating TikTok and Instagram. As one Redditor comments, "new stuff is for suckers."

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