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Eagle-eyed pedestrian makes 'incredible' discovery behind thrift store dumpster: 'How could anyone throw that out?'

"You are so lucky to have found this treasure."

"You are so lucky to have found this treasure.”

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Dumpster diving may sound unpleasant, but you'd be shocked at what some people can find. One Redditor found a gorgeous piece of stained glass waiting to be taken to a landfill. 

The discovery was posted on the subreddit r/ThriftStoreHauls. The primarily blue-and-green piece is split up by bits of yellow and pink and is truly a stunner. 

"I found this huge framed stained glass behind a dumpster last night!" the Redditor said in the caption. 

"You are so lucky to have found this treasure.
Photo Credit: u/ripmacmillion / Reddit
"You are so lucky to have found this treasure.
Photo Credit: u/ripmacmillion / Reddit

This Redditor isn't the only person to find valuable items in the dumpster, either — one user found an estimated $22,000 in electronics, and another found large stacks of crafting books. One user even discovered a huge stash of school supplies with a bag of calculators that sell for $89 each and a seemingly unopened ultraviolet light valued at $119. 

Getting some of your belongings from the dumpster may seem gross, but these items are often left to the side or on top of dumpsters, not necessarily inside of them, and they are often found in closed bags.  

Plus, keeping an eye on your local dumpsters or shopping at thrift stores is a great way to save money or find items to sell and donate

It's also much better for the environment to reuse items like school supplies, furniture, or anything else rather than buy new items. 

Items that still have life left in them are often thrown out, and they can take an astonishingly long time to decompose in landfills — a regular wooden chair without any paint would take a minimum of 13 years, and glass could take millions. 

There will inevitably be items that you can't buy or find second hand. But trying to find used items or selling your old stuff will minimize the environmental impact. 

Comments on the post couldn't believe the find, "Oh my gosh, how could anyone throw that out? It's so beautiful!" said one user. Another added, "Beautiful! You are so lucky to have found this treasure." 

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