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Gardener shares 'deadheading' hack for helping flowers grow taller and healthier than ever: 'They are gorgeous'

It redirects the plant's energy and resources.

Gardener shares snapdragon gardening hack

Photo Credit: @azzengarden / Tiktok

One TikToker is sharing a quick and easy way to make your snapdragons as big and healthy as possible. 

The hack comes from Anna Arizona Gardner (@azzengarden), a plant enthusiast who shares tips and tricks for better gardens. The video lasts less than 10 seconds and explains a popular method called "deadheading."

The scoop

In the video, Anna suggests "deadheading" your snapdragon's spent flowers to provide more room for new growth.

Deadheading involves pruning away a flower's already bloomed buds, called spent flowers. Cutting or picking spent flowers promotes flowering. Deadheading can also keep your garden fresh and tidy by removing shriveled or droopy buds. 

"In essence, to 'deadhead' a plant is to trick it into forming additional flowers, in its attempt to (finally) produce the seed it set out to produce in the first place before you deadheaded it," landscaping expert David Beaulieu, wrote for The Spruce. 

Beaulieu added that you can deadhead a flower two ways: by hand or with pruning shears. Either way, make sure to remove the whole flower and not just the petals. 

Anna's video shows an example of quickly deadheading her snapdragons using pruners. 


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How it's helping

Deadheading doesn't harm your plants. In fact, it redirects the plant's energy and resources from reseeding to blooming, extending the flower's life and beauty.

According to Earth911, a thriving flower garden can also help protect the environment. Flowering plants can filter out air toxins, sustain healthy soil, encourage pollination, and serve as a home for insects, birds, and other animals. 

What everyone's saying

Users had positive comments to share about Anna's snapdragon hack. Many of them thanked her for the tip and complimented her on the beauty of her flowers.

"They are gorgeous!" one commenter wrote. 

Another gave a tip about deadheading snapdragons in specific climates. 

"And the fun part is that snapdragons will grow longer in Phoenix than you think when you keep them cut back," they wrote.

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