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Gardener shares method behind 'the best slug trap' to keep them out of your garden: 'I've been catching more slugs every day'

"Cheapest, easiest, and fastest way to catch slugs."

"I wasn't present enough at the time to help them think it through and now here we are."

Photo Credit: Reddit

Slugs can be annoying pests that destroy your garden, but there is a safe and easy way to eliminate them. 

The scoop

The garden to grill Instagram account (@garden.to.grill) posted a video about "the best slug trap," which uses wooden planks to catch unwanted slugs in your garden. 

In the video, the person places various-sized planks around their garden. They show the slugs hiding underneath them, adding that they found anywhere from a few slugs to 50 daily on each plank. 

The video poster says it is the "Cheapest, easiest, and fastest way to catch slugs." 

How it's working

The poster even had some handy tips to ensure success. For example, they found that bigger planks worked better. They also suggest placing planks near damaged plants and collecting the slugs during the day because that's when they will be hiding underneath the wood.

The poster also discovered that the slugs tend to hide together, which makes it easier to trap and collect them.

"Somehow, I've been catching more slugs every day," they say. 

Once they have collected the slugs, they put them in the compost to help break down garden waste. 

There are store-bought slug control products, like pellets, but they tend to be poisonous for animals. With the store-bought option, you could risk your pets ingesting the pellets and rushing to the vet. But your pets are not the only animals vulnerable to this poison. Birds or larger lizards could also eat them. 

So, by choosing a non-toxic option, you're protecting your pets and wildlife. 

You could even get the wildlife to help you eliminate the pesky slugs. 

One commenter suggested using birdseed by placing it near the wood and mulch. They said, "It seems the birds have agreed to collaborate with me on keeping them controlled. Also gives the birds and smaller critters something more appealing to eat than my crops." 

What people are saying

Some people in the comments have tried this trick, with one saying, "If you wet the plank, it works even better." 

Another user had a method: "The best slug trap is a bowl of beer. They are attracted to the smell of the hops and then crawl in and die. Try it!" Overall, though, the other techniques don't involve killing the slugs and allow you to add them to your compost or bring them out into the woods for a more pacifistic approach.

Once you have the slugs under control, it will be easier to grow your own food in your garden. In addition to saving you money, growing your own food has been proven to make you physically and mentally healthier.

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