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Redditor shows the easiest way to keep nasty germs out of your shower: 'It definitely gets the job done'

Because it dries out between uses, it doesn't grow bacteria as quickly as a damp loofah.

Sisal soap bag

Photo Credit:Theearthlingco

A poster on the r/Sustainable subreddit has a hack to replace washcloths and loofahs: a sisal soap bag.

r/Sustainable is dedicated to "things/actions that help the planet and us live together," and encourages "news, research, discussion, photos, diagrams, and questions" about a wide variety of eco-friendly topics. 

Posts range from national and global news to everyday hacks like this one that let users do their part to protect the planet.

This poster shares a photo of a small, beige drawstring bag made of loosely-woven sisal fibers. 

"I'm so happy; no more body wash or plastic poof things," they say in the title.

A commenter quickly asks, "I might be out of the loop, but what's a soap bag? And how would one use it?" 

The original poster replies, "It's an alternative to using body wash," providing a link to a website called Puratium that explains "soap saver bags."

According to Puratium, users should place a bar of soap inside the bag, then hang it in the shower outside the stream of water. Because the soap isn't sitting in a puddle between uses, the soap stays firm and lasts longer, saving money on new bars. 

To use the soap bag, don't take the soap out; just scrub directly with the bag, which helps create foam and remove dead skin. Because it dries out between uses, it doesn't grow bacteria as quickly as a damp loofah, and the sisal fiber, made from the inside of agave leaves, can be laundered to clean it. And, when you're done with it, a sisal bag can simply be composted. 

"Looks exactly the same as mine!" writes one commenter. "It isn't anything fancy, but it definitely gets the job done. Got to be sure to put it through the wash somewhat regularly, though, to prevent mold or bacteria growth." 

Another user asks, "Can I chuck it in with towels on a hot cycle, then?" and the first commenter clarifies, "It's worked well for me."

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