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Bride sparks serious backlash after announcing fifth high-cost Disney wedding: 'What a nightmare'

Weddings at Disney can start as low as $15,000, but that can go up real fast.

Disney bride Shellie, Fifth high-cost Disney wedding

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A Disney wedding is nothing out of the ordinary. Thousands of couples get married every year at one Disney property or another. But the same married couple had four — yes, four — Disney weddings in seven years, with more future Disney weddings planned. That will get some attention, and that's exactly what happened in a recent Reddit post.

Shellie, known on social media as the Serial Bride, and her husband first got married at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, in 2016. They've since returned three times for vow renewal parties with all the extravagance as the original, with new themes, new receptions, and, of course, all new dresses.

Since their 2016 wedding, Shellie and her husband have had a "Star Wars"–themed vow renewal, they've gotten wedding pictures taken at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and they did a second vow renewal with a theme based on Pixar's "Up."

Shellie's Instagram bio says she and her husband plan on a fifth Disney wedding on July 27, 2024.

"Once you have a Disney wedding," Shellie told NBC News, "you're just addicted and you want another one."

Shellie's not alone in her love of Disney weddings, and she's not the only one who wants to hold multiple ceremonies at Disney. Many Disney brides even communicate on the popular Disney message board, DisBoards.

But it's the number of Disney weddings that Shellie is undertaking, along with the cost and resources expended, that has garnered so much attention.

Weddings at Disney can start as low as $15,000, but that can go up real fast depending on how many guests attend, food, choice of venue, and other variables, including if you want any special Disney characters to make an appearance.

"Disney weddings or a viable retirement plan," one commenter posted. "Take your pick."

Another added, "Being an adult and liking Disney is fine. These people take it wayyy too far though."

One simply said, "What a nightmare." 

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