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Tenant taken aback by landlord's request: 'Called me to harass me'

"Protect yourself and document all potential retaliation."

"Protect yourself and document all potential retaliation."

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One Redditor based in Austin, Texas, made a post on r/Tenant after discovering sewage spilling into a greenbelt located near the apartment complex where the user and other tenants reside. Upon calling the city watershed protection agency to report the incident, the user shared the response of the community director.

Greenbelts are areas of land designated to be free from urban sprawl or urbanization. These natural, undeveloped lands usually include open spaces or other areas, promoting conservation and biodiversity. 

"My community director determined I was the caller and called me to harass me and tell me I do not have permission to call Watershed Protection again as they will continue to write her up," the user posted

The post has received many responses offering support and reassurance to the OP. 

One user showed support by commenting, "Good for you for protecting the greenbelt." 

Another Redditor offered guidance on solutions by commenting, "Protect yourself and document all potential retaliation. … Untreated sewage is a big issue especially at apartment building scale."

Living in complexes with community directors who discourage renters from adopting cost-saving and healthy practices is not unheard of. 

Renters typically have more restrictions compared to homeowners regarding home adjustments. Community directors sometimes don't feel inclined to make improvements, especially if they don't pay utilities or live in the building complex. However, as much as 40% of the country's total energy consumption comes from buildings, giving renters a reason to be part of the solution. 

There are resources benefiting renters, community directors, and the planet, like using clotheslines to dry laundry.  

Sewage is not just bad to look at or smell; it also negatively affects public health. Sewage that makes it to bodies of water can pollute surrounding areas with heavy metals and toxic chemicals. When this is discovered but not reported to the government, legal issues arise.

The OP expressed gratitude for the support on how the situation was handled, commenting, "Thank you so much! ... I am glad I have some ground to stand on."

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