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This new AI program tells homeowners which appliances are costing them the most money: 'Consumers want to use less energy'

Sense published its Consumer Energy Insights Report in early May 2023.

Sense, New AI program

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A new report from Sense, a leader in home energy intelligence, is helping Americans learn more about their home electric bill and find ways to save money

What is the Sense Community Energy Insight Report? 

Sense published its Consumer Energy Insights Report in early May 2023. The report tracked the energy efficiency habits of over 1,600 residential energy consumers to examine customer baseline attitudes towards energy use, the shift being taken to reduce home energy use, and the potential avenues for how energy can be reduced in the future. 

What did the report indicate?

The report found that homeowners have increased interest in reducing home energy expenditures through technology and indicators like Sense. Of the population researched, 72% of users shift major electric appliances to low-rate periods, while 38% factor in energy usage when selecting an appliance or electronics. 

The report also indicates that homeowners are actively reducing household energy expenditures through technological upgrades. For example, 59% of respondents have attempted to make efficiency upgrades to their homes in the past decade, while 55% plan to upgrade within the next five years. 

Despite the tremendous progress made to make homes more efficient, there is still a long way to go to achieve optimal home energy efficiency for many. 

"Consumers want to use less energy and live more efficiently, but they lack the tools they need to effectively manage their home energy use," said Dee Zepf, Sense's Vice President of Product. "As the world moves toward widespread electrification, now more than ever before people need powerful insights to change how and when they use energy."

How does the report help with energy efficiency? 

This report stresses a critical need for technology that can interpret home energy use and provide real-time solutions to reduce not only the cost for consumers but also increase the environmental efficiency of homes. 

Sense utilizes waveform data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide recommendations to reduce energy use. This includes monitoring the draw of appliances and determining if appliances were left running. Then, the system tailors recommendations based on the history and the data it gathers. 

Technology like Sense will fill a critical gap in consumer energy reduction behavior and provide practical solutions to save homeowners money on home energy bills. It's just one step in the effort to decrease excess energy expenditures — which has a tangible impact on consumers' wallets and the environment. 

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