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Gardener shares genius time-saving hack to maximize your harvest: 'I love the simplicity of this'

"It's a game changer."

"It's a game changer."

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Sometimes, we all just need a little room to grow, and plants feel the same way. One avid gardener has shared a simple hack that helps save time and ensure your seeds have the space they need to sprout. 

The scoop

Jolene (@oursanctuarygarden) shared a video of a time-saving hack for planting seeds with her nearly 200,000 followers. "I learned this hack from my dad, and it's a game changer," the video's caption reads.

"This simple cardboard triangle is going to save you so much time in your garden planting," Jolene says as the video begins. She holds up a simple, homemade cardboard triangle. 

She begins to sow seeds, explaining that she is planting corn, which needs to be spaced about 10 inches apart. To achieve this rapidly, she uses her 10-inch triangle to space the seeds evenly. This process will eventually end with one sprout where each corner of the triangle was.  

How it's helping

While gardening benefits both mental and physical health, setting one up can be time-consuming. Time-saving hacks like this allow for less time sowing and more time reaping. 

It also leads to the potential for more reaping by allowing for the best yield. Growing your own food helps you to eat healthier, reduces food waste, and can save you hundreds of dollars a year. It also lowers your pollution footprint and reduces the demand for globally shipped produce. 

A pound of transported food creates 0.18 pounds of CO2 pollution, and lately, much of this produce is wrapped in polluting plastic to protect it

So, the less time it takes to get your seeds in the ground, the better. 

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What people are saying

Viewers filled the post's comment section with similar advice and gratitude for the genius hack. 

"Your dad likely got this from John Jeavons who developed this technique (i believe) and publicized it widely through his book How to grow more vegetables," wrote one. "The template is part of a well developed planting system that's worth checking out."

"Mindblown," said a second. "I love the simplicity of this!" 

"A must-have in every garden toolkit!" a third agreed. "Cardboard cutouts for proper spacing, love it."

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