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Seasoned gardener shares pro tip for storing seeds easily and effectively: 'Good for 5 years'

"Save those seeds right so you can eat what you grow later."

Pro tip for storing seeds easily and effectively

Photo Credit: @home.and.chaos / Instagram

A popular Instagrammer is showing gardeners an interesting way to save seeds. 

Seeds are the most fundamental part of growing food in your garden, and maintaining seed health is just as important since they can become useless if not stored correctly.

The scoop

April Ruis (@aprilsunrisefarm), who discusses herbal remedies, recipes, and hacks for food preservation, tells viewers that there is a simple way to prolong the life of their garden seeds.

"Glass containers are transparent, allowing for easy identification of the stored seeds without the need to open the container," Ruis tells viewers in the video's caption. 

The Reel begins with Ruis explaining how to store seeds so they last for more than one season. 

She pulls out some packets of seeds along with a small glass jar and another large one. She goes on to explain how we can pour powdered milk or rice into the jar before adding the seeds. 

Such elements will absorb any moisture inside the jar, she says, adding that seeds do best in 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

However, she recommends storing seeds in a dark, cool place, which "is normally good for five years," she says. "Save those seeds right so you can eat what you grow later." 

How it's helping

This video encourages people to grow their own produce while also preventing food waste, both of which are positive for people and the planet. 

Almost 40% of the total food produced in the U.S. goes to waste, according to Feeding America. This means around 119 billion pounds of food end up in the trash each year. 

Why is food waste so bad?

First of all, food needs to be transported in vehicles such as trucks and ships, which consume oil, releasing gases into the atmosphere that heat up the planet. This accounts for approximately 6% of the total planet-warming gases produced by the food industry. 

Secondly, the substantial land required for agricultural purposes, including deforestation to make room for farming, worsens the problem since trees absorb harmful carbon pollution that heats the planet. This means their reduction increases the toxic gases in the air. 

Encouraging people to grow their own food while also making sure seeds are kept fresh and safe is a great way to prevent food waste. 

Plus, when we grow our own food, we may feel encouraged to eat everything we have produced and only grow what is necessary, as opposed to the massive-scale farming that fills supermarkets with produce. Much of that produce is also often wrapped in plastic, bringing about another host of environmental problems.

What everyone's saying

One commenter expressed how they "heard some people put [seeds] in the freezer. Not sure if I want to try that though, lol."

"I bought an ammo can to put my seeds in and then I stored the can in my fireproof waterproof safe. Ain't nothing gonna ruin my seeds," another person added. 

One commenter found the tip particularly helpful, admitting they "thought we were going to have to throw them out and get new ones next year." 

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