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Video shows simple trick to resolve 'totally unnecessary' toilet feature that could be costing you extra: 'Recently received our water bill, which seems significantly higher'

"That's an amazing tip."

"That's an amazing tip."

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Save money in minutes with this simple Instagram tip.

The Scoop

Linds Cave (@chedworth_southwales) shared a quick trick to save money on your water bills.

"We recently received our water bill, which seems significantly higher than when we lived in our old house," she wrote in the description. "Mr. C … discovered all the Cisterns were on max fill, which is totally unnecessary. By reducing the fill level he believes we can save 16-18 litres [of water] a day."

To reduce the amount of water per flush, lift the lid to your toilet's tank. Linds Cave's video shows a float cup valve, which can easily be turned by hand to adjust the water level. If you have a ball float, you'll need a flathead screwdriver to follow these steps.

Be careful not to lower the water level too drastically, or you'll risk clogs and other issues. Your toilet should have a manufacturer's line for optimal water level.

How it's helping

Toilets with higher gallons per flush are wasting your water — and costing you money.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, replacing your old toilet or adjusting its water level "can reduce water used for toilets by 20 to 60 percent — that's nearly 13,000 gallons of water savings for your home every year!"

This woman swapped out her toilet's flapper — which controls the water per flush — and cut her water bill in half.

It's not just home savings — the EPA article also notes that "if all old, inefficient toilets in the United States were replaced with WaterSense labeled models, we could save 360 billion gallons of water per year, or the amount of water that flows over Niagara Falls in about nine days."

Tiny adjustments can make a big difference — like a hidden switch on your fan that can save you big on heating costs. Ready to make your house a smart home? Explore our guide to save money and help the environment.

What everyone's saying

Commenters couldn't believe a simple adjustment could save them big on bills. 

"Never [knew] you could do that," one user commented.

"Oh that's an amazing tip," another said. "Will go round reducing this [water] level now."

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