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Homeowner breaks down simple tricks to save money on utility bills: 'They last 50 times longer'

"Great tips thank you!"

"Great tips thank you!"

Photo Credit: TikTok

A TikTok video went viral for demonstrating a few simple ways you can save money on utilities while protecting the planet.

The scoop

Home and lifestyle influencer Bea Becette (@beabecette) shared three easy ways to slash utility costs.

"Here's how to save money on utilities and protect the planet," Bea said at the start of the one-minute video.

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Her first tip was to switch to LED light bulbs. "They're about the same price as regular light bulbs, use less energy, and they last 50 times longer," Bea said.

Next, she recommended hanging clothes to dry rather than using a dryer, noting that line drying is common outside of America. Bea keeps a compact drying rack by a window or air conditioning vent to speed up drying, then folds it up and tucks it behind a door when it's not in use.

Her final tip was to take shorter showers.

"Don't overshower; it can cost you $480 a year if you're taking showers over 12 minutes," Bea said, referring to both water and heating costs. She suggested using a podcast or music to track your shower time and avoid getting "pruney" from lingering too long.

How it's helping

These simple swaps can save you serious cash on electricity, water, and gas bills — but they also add up to a positive environmental impact. By making energy-efficiency changes such as buying LED bulbs, air-drying clothes, taking shorter showers, and similar actions, the average household could cut its energy use and related carbon pollution nearly in half.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, each home emits 10.97 metric tons of carbon per year — 7.27 of which come from electricity alone. This carbon pollutes our atmosphere, increasing global temperatures, triggering extreme weather events, and hurting individuals with compromised immune systems.

Want to start cutting down on your household's carbon pollution and sky-high bills? Start by researching innovations from cutting-edge companies, including Tesla's solar panels and WattBuy's proprietary data platform.

What everyone's saying

In the comments on the video, TikTok users were grateful for the simple money-saving, planet-protecting hacks.

"Great tips thank you!" one commenter wrote.

Not everyone was thrilled about shorter showers, however. "12 mins?? I stay in the shower for over 2 hours," another user joked.

But with utility costs and global temperatures on the rise, millions are seeking small lifestyle changes that can lower bills and pollution. This TikTok proved that simple swaps hold tremendous power.

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