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Homesteader shares quick and easy trick to collect veggie seeds from your garden: 'This is genius'

"Thank you! This advice arrived just in time."

"Thank you! This advice arrived just in time."

Photo Credit: YouTube

Tired of buying new radish seeds every season? A gardening influencer on YouTube has an ingenious hack to save radish seeds for replanting so you never run out.

The scoop

Sustainable Holly (@SustainableHolly) shared her clever trick in a recent video.

After her radishes went to seed, she collected the dried seed pods. But instead of painstakingly cracking open each pod to extract the tiny seeds, she came up with a much faster method.

Holly demonstrates crushing the dried pods inside a folded towel to break them open. Then she uses a hair dryer to blow away the lightweight pod casings, leaving just the heavier radish seeds behind.

"This seed-saving hack worked a treat!!" she writes in the caption.

How it's working

Saving your own radish seeds, and other garden seeds, has multiple benefits. Most obviously, it saves money. A packet of radish seeds costs a few dollars and only lasts one season. By saving seeds, you get a lifetime supply for free.

It also saves time and effort. No more last-minute trips to the garden center when you're ready to plant. Your saved seeds will be on hand when you need them.

Beyond the practical perks, saving seeds from your own garden helps preserve plant diversity. Many older, unique varieties only still exist because home gardeners passed down the seeds over generations. It also reduces the environmental impact of packaging and shipping commercial seeds.

Best of all, it couldn't be easier, as Holly's clever hack proves. With minimal effort, you'll have plenty of radish seeds to plant, share, or trade with fellow gardeners — and, if you're a radish fan, plenty of veggies to eat.

What people are saying

Sustainable Holly's followers are loving this seed-saving shortcut.

"This is genius!" one commenter raved.

"Nice work," another added.

"Thank you! This advice arrived just in time," a grateful viewer chimed in.

With food prices continuing to rise, interest in home gardening is booming. More people are discovering the many joys and benefits — from saving money to improving physical health to living lighter on the planet.

Little tricks such as this help make edible gardening more accessible and rewarding for everyone. So why not give it a try? Snag some seed pods from your spring radishes and stash them away for next year. Future you will be glad you did.

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