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Shopper shares baffling photo of an infuriating product sold in their local store: '[It's] just ripping people off'

"I don't care how cheap it is."

Photos of a hilariously unnecessary product called Sand Away appeared on Reddit

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One Redditor posted a photo of a hilariously unnecessary product sold next to the body lotion.

This post appeared with the r/Anticonsumption subreddit's "plastic waste" tag and pictured a store shelf lined with bottles labeled "Sand Away." According to the label, the product is "the quick and easy way to remove sand from legs and feet."

Sand Away
Photo Credit: u/apriljeangibbs / Reddit

Of course, as the original poster pointed out, "Water works just fine … "

The 226-gram (almost 8-ounce) bottles were being sold for 99 British pence, or about $1.25. The original poster thought any amount of money would be too much for something so unneeded. "I don't care how cheap it is," they said.

The r/Anticonsumption subreddit is dedicated to reducing unnecessary purchases and waste. Not only is that philosophy good for members' budgets, but it's also a crucial step in protecting the environment. Reducing consumption means fewer resources harvested from nature, less pollution from manufacturing and transporting products, and less garbage taking up space in landfills.

"In my 30+ years of living on the ocean, I've never needed anything other than water, my hands, or a towel to get sand off my skin," they added in a comment.

A few commenters disagreed, saying that they like to use a similar product like baby powder to get off the sand. However, they also said there were more efficient and eco-friendly ways to apply it.

"I have a little bean bag full of baby powder that serves the same purpose and lasts for many years," said one user. "I use it on my legs and feet before I get into my car at the beach. This company is just ripping people off with that bottle."

Another user, concerned about what type of powder was being used, commented to outline the risks of using talc, also called talcum powder. Talc, they said, has been strongly linked to cancer.

"Yeah, talc is not good," agreed the user who had suggested the bean bag method. "I use cornstarch powder."

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