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Instagrammer shares the simple bathroom swap that saves her tons of money while shopping: 'It's going to last the rest of my life'

"It's one of my favorite zero-waste swaps."

A safety razor is one of the best zero-waste swaps

Photo Credit: @ going.zero.waste / Instagram

Looking for some super-easy swaps to cut down on plastic waste and save money? Instagrammer Kathyrn Kellogg (@going.zero.waste) has you covered with a bathroom must-have: a safety razor

The scoop

"This is a safety razor, and it's one of my favorite zero-waste swaps," Kathryn says to start the video.

She explains that the safety razor is a tried and true tool. Invented in 1903, safety razors consist of a sturdy base with a protective device to ensure a closer shave without knicks. 

"Instead of disposable razors you throw away, the only thing you change here is the blade," Kathyrn says. 

In the video's caption, Kathyrn gives some additional advice on how to use the razor, since it can look a little intimidating to someone used to disposable razors. 

"When using a safety razor, lather up with a good soap, use short strokes and don't use any pressure," she wrote. "It should just glide and leave you with a super close shave."

How it's helping

Kathyrn says the safety razor is one of her favorite all-time zero-waste swaps, and for good reason. First off, a safety razor will save you big bucks in the long run. The initial cost of a single-blade safety razor is between about $15 and $30. After the initial investment, the cost is extremely low. 

"This pack of 100 blades cost $10 and it's going to last the rest of my life," Kathyrn says. "Saving you so much money and reducing plastic waste compared to disposables." 

To compare, a Gillette razor with two refills costs almost $20

The Environmental Protection Agency estimated in 1990 that 2 billion "throwaway razors and blades" are produced every year, and that was just in the U.S.

Safety razors are zero waste. All you need to do is store your used blades in a blade safe, like Kathyrn does in the video. You can then dispose of the entire safe in the appropriate collection location. Just be sure to check your local regulations and rules.  

What everyone's saying

Kathryn wasn't the only one singing the praises of the safety razor. Her commenters seemed to be way on board. 

"Omg YES! My safety razor is my hands down, no questions asked, all-time FAVORITE zero waste swap," one person wrote. " ... After using a safety razor for 6 years, I've found that I actually cut myself way LESS than I used to with Venus razors. Never ever going back. ✌️"

"I've been using a safety razor for years at this point and I'm only on my second box of 100 blades," another said. "I share the blades with my husband. It is so much better than a conventional razor!"

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