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Gardener warned against making grave lawn maintenance mistake with toxic product: 'Please don't use it'

"It's a poison."

"It's a poison."

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Gardening is a hobby with many known benefits, but a lot of gardeners have one very common problem — keeping weeds at bay.

One gardener took to Reddit to ask the community about a particular product called Roundup Weed and Grass Killer in this post in the r/gardening subreddit. This Roundup product is a liquid designed to be sprayed onto weeds and unwanted grass. Reddit users had much to say in response. 

"It's a poison."
Photo Credit: Reddit

One user warned, "It's a poison, it's meant to kill indiscriminately." 

Another user responded with this advice: "It's best to avoid using chemicals. Most of us just pull weeds by hand after a rain when the soil is soft and you can get all the roots. Some of us weirdos actually enjoy it."

Many people enjoy the different elements of gardening. The act of caring for plants or an entire lawn can be both physically and mentally healthy, and it results in a lovely sight to see every day. 

Interested in having a beautiful garden and lawn without spending money on excess water, chemicals, and fertilizers? Some great options to explore are installing native plants or replacing your lawn with other eco-friendly, low-maintenance options like clover or buffalo grass. Any of these options will save time and money and will increase the habitat value of your lawn. 

Native plants are also much more friendly to pollinators and insects. Growing an ecosystem for pollinators is great because they help protect our food supply, and they also draw in birds and other local animals. 

Even transforming only a part of your lawn can save you time and money and still lay out the welcome mat for beautiful and diverse wildlife. For information and helpful tips on installing native plants or natural lawns, check out TCD's guides here and here.

If you do need to treat weeds and other unwanted growth, it's best to do thorough research on the products available and use them sparingly. There have been attempts by coalitions to get toxic weedkillers banned based on the potential harmful effects from using the product. 

To avoid the risks, people can protect their lawns and themselves by exploring natural, cheaper options to control weeds.   

Regarding the Roundup product, one commenter shared, "I only use it for poison ivy as even pulling them they just seem to come up again. For normal weeds [you're] better [off] pulling them by hand."

Another commenter put it simply: "Please don't use it. The worst product ever made."

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