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Florida HOA creates dangerous living conditions with 'short-sighted' rule: '[What] if one of my tenants overheated ...?'

"They had a service repairman come in and tell them that the entire unit needs to be replaced."

“They had a service repairman come in and tell them that the entire unit needs to be replaced."

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Another homeowners association is making life difficult for its residents with some mind-boggling rules.

One condo owner in Palm Beach, Florida, took to an anti-HOA subreddit about their HOA's "ridiculous rules." The poster said they actually moved out of the condo because of the HOA and now rent it out instead. 

"One of these rules is that no service or repairs is allowed to be conducted after 4 p.m. on weekdays and is completely not allowed on weekends," they said, going on to explain that their tenants' air conditioner broke on a Friday.  

"They had a service repairman come in and tell them that the entire unit needs to be replaced," the post continued. "I paid for it and the building manager told the service provider that he needed to stop working because it was after four and that he cannot return back until Monday."

Then they asked the community for some advice. "[What] if one of my tenants overheated in the apartment and had to get rushed to the hospital?" 

This is not the first time that an HOA has clashed with its homeowners due to puzzling policies. As temperatures continue to rise across the globe, such instances will become more dire — extreme heat is a growing concern, with heat exhaustion and heat stroke its possible consequences. 

Lately, a slew of cases of HOAs preventing people from making money-saving and/or eco-friendly updates to their homes have popped up. 

For instance, one California resident's HOA denied their application — possibly illegally — to install solar panels. Meanwhile, an electric vehicle owner told the Reddit community that their HOA barred them from installing a charging station on their side of a shared garage. Yet another HOA in Florida tried to fine homeowners for their hurricane-proof roof.

If you are experiencing challenges with your HOA, it's not the end of the line. There are a number of things you can do to work with your HOA to change the established rules. These include writing the board and teaming up with your neighbors to create a unified front.

Needless to say, the Reddit community thought these policies were bologna.

"This seems to be an extraordinarily stupid and short-sighted rule," one person remarked.

Another commented, "With it being Florida heat, that's a health issue."

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