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Redditor shares hack for getting the most out of your mascara wand: 'I just realized ... how long I've been using this thing'

"It's easily cleaned."

Reusing disposable mascara wands

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It can be challenging to find reusable products in the beauty industry, especially makeup. But one Redditor took to the Zero Waste subreddit to share a sustainability makeup hack they've used for years.

"I use this disposable mascara wand as an eyebrow spoolie, I like it cause it's plastic so it's easily cleaned and sterilized. My mom used to do Mary Kay when I was a kid, and these were used during parties for people to test out mascara. I must have swiped one at some point!" the Redditor shared.

She's been using one single wand for quite some time, washing and reusing when needed. Keep in mind this is for brow use. With mascara, it's best to replace a wand every three to six months, as bacteria can build up in the product over time. 

Disposable mascara
Photo Credit: u/bluehairedbanshee / Reddit

When talking about reusability, our minds typically go toward the obvious candidates of glass jars and reusable bags. This hack highlights how continuous use and repurposing can apply to many different products.

Simply go through the many wands you probably already have and find a good washable one you like. Then, avoid buying more tubes that come with a wasteful wand in the cap. We recommend this bamboo eyebrow spoolie, which is washable and perfect for an eco-conscious customer. If you're looking for more environmentally friendly brow products, River Organics and the Zero Waste Store have you covered. 

Mascara wands, in particular, have been noticed as an unrecyclable product that consistently adds to landfills. Their negative effect on the environment goes even further, as a lot of mascaras contain petroleum, which comes from oil drilling, and the tubes can break down into incredibly harmful microplastics.

Alongside the Reddit post, there are plenty of solutions. Wands for Wildlife is a great organization that will take your used wands. They'll be repurposed and put to use in cleaning animal feeding tubes or even cleaning up a baby possum. There isn't a better — or cuter — option out there for your trash. 

Other people chimed in on the Reddit post to back up how easy and useful this hack is. 

"I have a couple of 'single-use' silicone wands that I bought 6 years ago. I wash them every so often, and they still work great," wrote one user. 

"If you use it and your make up product only on yourself, and clean it properly, I don't see why you would throw it out," added another person. 

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