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TikToker reveals amazing hack for using rentable, reusable boxes when moving: 'Wish I'd known about this earlier'

The video explains why reusable moving boxes are "superior" to cardboard.

Reusable moving boxes

A TikToker has gone viral with a video showing off her reusable moving boxes.

The money- and time-saving hack comes from user @shelbizleee, who says that reusable moving boxes are "superior" to cardboard.

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The Scoop

Shelbizleee took to her TikTok channel to share a favorite moving hack with her 258,000 followers. The clip explains why reusable boxes are better for your move, your bank account, and the planet.

The video shows the price difference between renting reusable boxes and purchasing new cardboard boxes at a savings of 35 cents per box. The TikToker shows that the boxes are available at her local U-Haul store.

And if you're worried about bugs or other icky things from previous users, don't worry. One commenter asks the same question.

"They're sanitized my friend," the TikToker replies. "And bed bugs don't like smooth plastic…"

How It's Helping

The reusable boxes are stackable, and some even come with wheels. By using them, you'll avoid wasting time constructing new cardboard boxes — or breaking them down when you're done. You'll also save time (and more money) by not having to use tape. All of the boxes' lids lock into place. 

In her clip, shelbizleee says that another big benefit is that it keeps you from procrastinating because the reusable boxes need to be returned. For once, you won't have boxes lingering for months in the garage or closet. 

While plastic isn't great for the planet, reusing it can be a better choice than single-use cardboard, which can be energy-intensive to produce. According to Science Times, opting for an alternative to cardboard saves nine cubic yards of landfill space, 700 gallons of water, and 46 gallons of gasoline for the average move. 

What Everyone's Saying

Commenters respond to shelbizleee's video with plenty of reactions.

"Wish I had known about this [earlier]," one commenter writes. 

Others chime in to say how they find free boxes on platforms like Facebook or local stores. One user suggests filling up luggage and duffel bags to further reduce costs. And others loved that these go back to Uhaul so there's no need to find space in your home or garage to keep them. 

One user says they loved the idea. "I don't have the space to keep boxes and reuse them, so these are perfect for sturdy moves," they write.

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