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Mom shares clever trick to repurpose old baby bottles for on-the-go containers: 'I try to reuse as much as possible'

"This is a good idea."

"This is a good idea."

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Baby products pile up, and you want to avoid tossing them. Discover how to repurpose bottles with the help of one TikToker who provides sustainability tips for parents. Mckenzie Bullwinkel (@kenziebullwink) describes their aesthetic as "homegrown happiness," and they prioritize crafting a low-waste parenting life.

The scoop

Their video opens by asking viewers, "What did you do with your old baby bottles?" Many likely ended up in the trash, but Mckenzie offers an alternative, practical solution. They use them as snack containers.

@kenziebullwink ive said it once and ill say it again- baddies reduce reuse and recycle #lifeofkenz #reducereuserecycle #babybottles #reuseidea ♬ original sound - Mckenzie Bullwinkel

This mom fills the clean bottle with pretzel sticks. Mckenzie makes it more enjoyable by including a peanut butter dip drizzled on the side. "I try to reuse as much as possible," they said in comments.

They suggest it offers more benefits than keeping baby bottles out of the trash. The opening at the top is large enough for a 3-year-old to reach in, but it is more challenging than other snack containers. The mom hopes it engages the child's sensory skills more.

How it's helping

This hack has financial savings and sustainability benefits written all over it. First, reusing snack containers eliminates the need to buy wasteful, prepackaged snacks in single-use plastic. It's nice to ignore the high price tag of food packaging, especially when taxes on them are increasing for companies, as GreenBiz reported. Buying snacks in bulk, using what you have, and reducing unnecessary trips to the store to buy containers will save hundreds of dollars.

You'll also have a lighter carbon footprint. Around 85% of single-use plastic food containers go to landfills, per the UN Environment Programme. Creating your own solution supports a circular economy, where a product's life cycle extends and materials get repurposed.

You could inspire other parents and guardians to do the same, expanding your impact further to keep microplastics out of soil and water. This is an incredible opportunity to find ways to reduce waste consumption, and it's a fun one that benefits your child and the Earth.

You may use Mckenzie's hack for a while but want to recycle the containers eventually. Then, the items could end up contributing to eco-friendly baby shoes like Woolybubs. Plus, using services like Earth911 may surprise you with what is recyclable near you.

You could also research new ways to declutter, especially when other expecting parents could always use pre-loved baby gear. Check your community first to try rehoming something before tossing it in a recycling bin.

What people are saying

The comments prove this tip hasn't occurred to a number of people. "This is a good idea," one commenter noted.

Another user commended the clever reuse, saying, "Soooo smart!"

Sharing hacks like this will spark creativity in others to find innovative ways to repurpose baby products.

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