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Missing a piece from your favorite dinnerware set? This company has an amazing solution

Replacements, LTD. connects people with the missing pieces in their dish sets, thanks to its warehouse full of 450,000 items.

Replacements, LTD

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You may have a beautiful dish set from an indulgent just-because-splurge, a housewarming or wedding registry gift, or even something sentimental passed down through your family.

However you've acquired it, there's something to be said about nice dinnerware or glassware that completes a great party or family gathering. But it may feel not so complete when you're missing a piece or two — which, let's face it, happens now and then. 

The good news is there's a sustainable solution for that, thanks to Replacements, LTD.

What is Replacements, LTD?

Replacements, LTD. connects people with the missing pieces in their dish sets, thanks to its 500,000 square-foot warehouse of 450,000 items — which are procured from 500-plus national suppliers, including major tableware brands.

The company offers various services, like a visual search tool to find dish patterns, a research and identification system to find pattern names, a restoration and repair department to clean and repair silver, and even a reselling program for folks to make some money off of their old pieces.

Why should I replace dishware?

You might feel it's quicker and easier to swap your incomplete dish set with a brand-new one. But with countless types of products in the world and the materials they're made of, it will likely save you money if you can get pre-owned items. 

Plus, by reducing your consumption in any form — whether that's having a smaller quantity of items or purchasing new ones less frequently, you'll help keep trash out of the landfill. This applies to just about anything, dishes included.

For example, when it comes to materials like the glass used to create our drinking glasses (along with bottles and other items), carbon pollution is produced from the melting processes required in production. So, the less glass we buy, the less glass gets produced, and the less pollution gets added to the environment.

Dish sets also add to the 292 million-ton pile of landfill waste American households create every year. Taking only what you need and nothing more — even with something as simple as tableware — is a great start at making positive change.

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