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Instagrammer shares brilliant, ultra-simple hack for cleaning glass bottles before reusing them: 'Mind blown'

"Tired of scrubbing labels off all those jars you can't seem to throw away?"

Ultra-simple hack for cleaning glass remove labels

Photo Credit: @zerowastecartel / Instagram

An Instagram Reel shows consumers a quick and efficient method for removing the labels from their glass containers with a "DIY Goo Be Gone." 

The video by Zero Waste Cartel (@zerowastecartel) begins with an image of three glass bottles.

"Tired of scrubbing labels off all those jars you can't seem to throw away?" the narrator asks.

The scoop

The narrator of the video states that there are two easy ways to get the labels off your glass bottles, both of which also get rid of the stickiness.

The first method entails putting three tablespoons of baking soda with two tablespoons of vegetable or olive oil into a small container. Mix the solution, and it should turn into a kind of paste. 

After tearing the label off the bottle, you then apply the paste to the area, let it sit for a minute, and then use a moist cloth to remove the rest of the label, which should now come off easily. 

The second method appears to be a much simpler process, but it requires a little more elbow grease. 

It entails the use of rubbing alcohol, which should be sprayed on the label, keeping it soaked the whole time. According to the speaker, it doesn't come off as easily as with the first method, but it is still more effective than using soap and water. 

How it's helping

Reusing containers instead of throwing them out is always helpful for the environment in numerous ways. Since the video shows glass containers, we'll discuss this material. 

Looking at the big picture, it's fair to say glass is a more sustainable material than plastic. For one, it's much easier to recycle and gets recycled much more often than other materials. 

Also, unlike plastics, which break down into microplastics that leach into soils and water, glass is non-toxic. 

But the production of glass requires a material called silica, the extraction of which can cause lots of environmental harm, including land deterioration and the loss of biodiversity. 

It may also be responsible for the current sand shortage since sand is now used faster than it can be replenished, according to the UN

Like nearly all containers and artificial materials we use on a regular basis, glass requires energy to be produced and transported, which means dirty energy sources such as oil and gas are burned, releasing planet-warming gases into the atmosphere. 

Reusing containers to the best of our ability, instead of purchasing new ones, is a great thing we can do for the planet. 

What everyone's saying 

Many people loved the hacks, with one person commenting, "Mind blown!" 

Others pitched in their own tricks for removing the sticky residue. 

"Thanks for the tips. Lemon oil works like a charm as well," one commenter expressed. 

Another said they "use peanut butter," which "works every time," to which the original poster answered, "love the idea, but hate the idea of wasting peanut butter." 

"Fill with hot water, 175 degrees or more, let sit for five minutes. Empty water, labels peel right off," another person elaborated, among the most practical sounding tips in the comments section. 

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