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Garden pro shares 'super easy' hack for free supply of green onions: 'I've been doing this for years'

"This one is super easy to do at home, regardless of the time of the year and the space available."

"This one is super easy to do at home, regardless of the time of the year and the space available."

Photo Credit: Instagram

Gardening influencer JoesGarden (@joesgarden.official) is going viral on Instagram for sharing a simple yet genius hack: regrowing spring onions from kitchen scraps.

His video has racked up thousands of views and inspired a wave of people to try this sustainable trick at home.

The scoop

In a recent reel, Joe demonstrates how to take the root ends of store-bought or homegrown spring onions and regrow them in water.

"When you are using your spring onions, leave a small section above the root just like this and fill up a small container with water," he explains in the video. In the caption, he added: "This one is super easy to do at home, regardless of the time of the year and the space available."

After bunching the cuttings together in water, Joe says that "after a few days, they will start to regrow." Once they sprout a couple of inches, you can either plant them out in garden soil or just keep them growing in the water. It's an easy way to create a continuous supply of fresh onions.

How it's helping

This clever kitchen tip not only reduces food waste, but it can also save you money on groceries over time. By regrowing the same spring onion bulbs again and again, you create a regenerative supply right on your windowsill. You may never need to buy scallions again.

What's more, getting hands-on with your food is great for your mental and physical well-being. Tending to plants, even small ones in cups, is a relaxing, grounding activity that can ease stress and anxiety. Spring onions specifically contain prebiotics that support gut health, so you're doing your digestive system a favor, too.

Regrowing food scraps also reduces your environmental footprint. It curbs demand for mass-produced, store-bought produce that is often heavily packaged and shipped long distances.

Want to reap these benefits and more? Check out our complete guide to starting a sustainable veggie patch.

What everyone's saying

In the comment section, people were excited to try the scallion hack themselves.

"I've been doing this for years, I also do it with romaine lettuce and now I'm trying celery!" one user wrote.

Others chimed in with their appreciation for Joe's content: "I love all your tips. Thank you" and "Doing this and it's working."

As Joe shows, with just a little know-how, anyone can unlock the magic of regrowing food, even in a tiny apartment. So next time you chop up some scallions, try saving the scraps and starting your own little onion farm. Both your wallet and the planet will thank you.

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