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DIY master creatively hides giant holes in jacket with this clever solution: 'Adorable and really neatly executed'

"My favorite mend so far!"

Patch hole-ridden jacket

Photo Credit: u/qsharkq/ Reddit

Most people just toss their clothing in the trash when they notice holes in it, but this Redditor managed to patch theirs with a design even cuter than the original. 

The post shows before and after pictures of a sweatshirt with visible holes in the front, one large one and a few smaller ones. The larger hole is patched with adorable dinosaur astronaut fabric, and the smaller holes are sewn up to look like planets and stars. 

"My favorite mend so far!" the original poster says.

This cute and innovative repair is a perfect lesson in not letting clothes go to waste. Using small fixes — quick stitching jobs or patches like this one — means that you won't have to replace your wardrobe as often. Also, fixes like this allow you to customize your clothes in a way that large manufacturing companies can't. 

Another bonus? It's great for the environment. 

More than 100 million tons of textiles are sent to landfills every year, reports Earth.org, and these clothes can take more than 200 years to decompose. According to the recycling website Roadrunner, when these clothes decompose, they release toxic chemicals and dyes into the groundwater and pollute the air with planet-warming gases. 

Mending old clothes and keeping them in circulation — whether it's handing them down to a sibling or family member or sending them to a thrift store — is a great way to cut back on the amount of clothing being sent to landfills. 

If you want to get involved in customizing and mending your clothes like this Redditor, check out this post with a few easy stitches to learn. If you need some design ideas, take a look at this beautiful design stitched onto an old jacket.  

Redditors couldn't get over the adorable addition to the sweatshirt, saying, "Adorable and really neatly executed" and, "Oh my gosh this is so cute and original! Love it!" 

The original poster echoed the reactions of many, responding to comments saying, "Thanks! I love that it looks like a little porthole into dino space!"

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