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Shopper thrilled after stumbling upon like-new Apple Watch for less than $10 at local bin store: 'I can't wait to rock it'

The newest Apple Watch retails for between $400 and $700 new.

The newest Apple Watch retails for between $400 and $700 new.

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One incredibly lucky thrifter hit the jackpot, finding a like-new Apple Watch at their local secondhand shop.

The fortunate shopper took to the Reddit community r/ThriftStoreHauls to show off their incredible score. The post features a photo of the box for an Apple Watch, and the caption reads: "Got an Apple Series 9 Watch for $6 at a local Bin Store this morning! I can't wait to rock it!"

The newest Apple Watch retails for between $400 and $700 new.
Photo Credit: Reddit

Series 9 is the latest iteration of the Apple Watch, so finding one at the thrift store is super lucky. With the price under $10, this find is nearly unheard of. The newest Apple Watch retails for between $400 and $700 new, meaning this deal is a 99% discount. 

Getting incredible deals is one of the exciting things about shopping secondhand. On a more mundane note, thrift shopping is a great way to save money on clothing and home goods. Share your best thrift finds on our guide, where you can learn just how much shopping secondhand can save you. 

Thrift shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years, perhaps because people are feeling the pinch. According to a report conducted by online secondhand shop ThredUp, "The global secondhand apparel market is set to reach $350 billion by 2028," and "60% of consumers say shopping secondhand apparel gives them the most bang for their buck."

Another reason folks have been turning to secondhand is to make more ethical choices. Many clothing brands, including H&M and Zara, have come under fire for atrocious labor conditions. Greenwashing has also been a big issue in the fashion industry, with brands touting eco initiatives that are much less helpful than they claim. 

We hope posts such as this inspire you to keep checking the shelves of your local thrift shop. Folks have found everything from luxury suitcases to vintage wedding dresses. Maybe your next find will be your holy grail.

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