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Seamster shares easy method for fixing one of the most common issues with jeans: 'All my pants are like this now'

"I gotta do that with my jeans!"

Stitching pattern

Photo Credit: u/PromiscuousSalad / Reddit

A Reddit user shared how they're maximizing the life of one of their favorite pairs of jeans, using a funky stitching pattern to patch up holes when they appear.

In a recent post on the r/Visiblemending subreddit, a user shared a photo of their recently repaired jeans. Each side has a hole near the groin area, so they've used two distinct stitching patterns to attach patches to cover up the damage — and added new flair to their pants in the process.

"​​Skinny Jeans + Thick Thighs = Saddle Mend Projects," the user writes in their caption.

"I am on the spectrum and I am well known for being a bit of a princess and the pea kind of dude when it comes to clothes," the user writes in a comment. "I generally don't notice the patch or the messy beginner stitches on the right side. I think it helps that I:

  1. Used two separate patches for each side and attached them to the center seam instead of running a single piece across.

  2. Used a very soft stretchy denim for the patch. These are Levi 512's so if I had used anything that didn't move with the rest of the pants I would have felt it bunch up."

"No car, only bike. I feel your struggle. All my pants are like this now," another user agrees.

The r/Visiblemending subreddit is an online gathering space where users around the world embrace the wear and tear of old clothes, using the imperfections on their favorite garments as an excuse to flex their creative muscles and insert artistic patterns via stitching and other forms of mending. 

Other posts have shown off gorgeous embroidery on old jackets, needle-felted pigeons covering moth holes, and even colorful yarn holding together a faulty laundry basket.

By repairing old items, these menders are maximizing the lifespan of the things they purchase — which helps keep products out of landfills for as long as possible, consequently reducing their own waste and preventing additional clutter from doing damage to our planet.

Users shared their excitement about the jeans in the comments of the post.

"I gotta do that with my jeans! 😅," one user writes.

"I have 4 pairs of jeans that I've done this with so far ... it's actually kind of comfortable!," another user comments.

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