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Gardener shares stunning footage of pandemic garden project that created backyard oasis: 'Looks amazing'

"Birds absolutely love my little native garden oasis…"

"Birds absolutely love my little native garden oasis..."

Photo Credit: Reddit

A gardener stunned Redditors after sharing a video of their beautiful yard transformation. According to the gardener, building a pond and waterfall in their backyard was their project when they were stuck at home during the pandemic. 

Four years later, the yard has become a thriving hub surrounded by blooming native plants and eager wildlife.

"Birds absolutely love my little native garden oasis, so do the bunnies, and raccoons."
Photo Credit: Reddit

"Birds absolutely love my little native garden oasis, so do the bunnies, and raccoons," wrote the gardener who shared the post.

Redditors were in awe of the yard's natural beauty and impressed by the amount of native-plant growth around the pond.

"I LOVE it!" responded one user. "Looks great."

"Gorgeous! I love the little hidey hole pond sanctuary," wrote another Redditor.

Growing native plants in your yard can help promote the health of your garden while saving you time and money on lawn maintenance. Unlike traditional grass lawns, native-plant lawns conserve water, saving you $275 each year on water alone. 

Since native plants have adapted to the region's soil over time, they can survive and thrive without the constant help of store-bought fertilizers. As a result, growing native plants in your yard can also save you $100 annually on fertilizer, pesticides, and weed control. 

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Native plants are not only great for your wallet but also important for the environment. Plants native to your region play an essential role in supporting the local ecosystem by attracting key pollinators and wildlife. By providing a source of food and habitat for local organisms, native plants serve as the underlying foundation that maintains the ecosystem's fragile balance

Without native plants, local organisms will lack the necessary food and shelter to survive. 

Redditors encouraged the gardener to keep sharing the stunning yard transformation.

"I hope you posted this in r/wildlifeponds as well!" commented one user. "Looks amazing!"

"Looks great!" responded another Redditor. "Having a raccoon visit my property would be a dream come true."

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