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Homeowner shares 'fantastic' progress photo of their yard's unconventional transformation: 'I wish more people did this'

"This looks gorgeous, well done."

"This looks gorgeous, well done."

Photo Credit: iStock

A homeowner amazed fellow gardeners after sharing an image of their thriving native-plant lawn in Southern Ontario to the r/NoLawns subreddit. The homeowner transformed their grass lawn into a pollinator-friendly garden blooming with local flora.

"This looks gorgeous, well done."
Photo Credit: Reddit

After covering the grass with layers of thick, wet cardboard and wood mulch, the homeowner was able to rid the lawn of grass. The homeowner then planted local flowers and plants in the exposed soil, which bloomed into a vibrant garden over time. 

Redditors were blown away by the natural beauty of the unconventional lawn

"I love it! I wish more people did this," wrote one user.

"Looks fantastic! What is the plant with the large leaves in the front?" asked another Redditor.

"Thank you! That is swamp milkweed," responded the gardener who shared the photo. "It is the host plant for the Monarch butterfly."

Switching from a grass lawn to a native-plant lawn can save you time and money down the road. Unlike grass lawns, native plants do not require consistent upkeep and mowing. 

Maintaining a grass lawn with a gas-powered mower has a significant carbon footprint. Lawn mowers release harmful pollutants that contribute to the planet's rising temperatures.  

Native plants also conserve water, reducing your total watering bill. Each year, you can save $275 on water, $50 on fertilizer, and $50 on pesticides and weed control after switching to a native plant lawn.

Adding local plants to your yard is also a great way to support the health of the surrounding ecosystem. Native plants attract pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, which are essential for the growth of your garden. Pollinators also play an integral role in protecting our food supply chain by spreading pollen across different crops.

Redditors continued to discuss the beauty of the native-plant lawn.

"This looks gorgeous, well done," wrote one user.

"I'm super late to the comments but you should totally look into registering your garden as a Waystation!!!" commented another Redditor.

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