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Homeowner shares before-and-after photos of their front yard 1 year after remodeling it: 'I find it to be less maintenance'

"[Maintenance] can be done in small chunks and without really breaking a sweat, which is nice."

before and after of their native lawn

Photo Credit: u/thouartgod / Reddit

A Reddit user has shared pictures showing off their amazing front yard transformation after removing their lawn.

In a recent post on the r/NoLawns subreddit, a user shared a before-and-after that compares their yard today with what it looked like one year ago β€” and the progress is substantial.

native lawn
Photo Credit: u/thouartgod / Reddit

The top photo shows sparsely covered soil with a few freshly planted flowers and bushes spread throughout the yard. The second photo shows the same plants thriving with beautiful blooms, widespread leaves, and almost no soil in sight because the plants are so bountiful.

"Ended up choosing some aggressive self seeders that we like that are out competing some of the weeds while the perennials get established," the user wrote in a comment. "We have a lot of nigella, snapdragons, cosmos, bread seed poppies, and California poppies that have taken over."

"Upfront, [it was] quite expensive for our particular situation as we had to hire out rebuilding a retaining wall, laying the path and patio, and putting in the irrigation system β€” though some of this I suppose you could do yourself if you're handy," they explained in another comment

Replacing your lawn with more water-friendly plants can help you save money on water and reduce the time you use to maintain your yard. Nifty grass alternatives include native plant lawns, clover lawns, buffalo grass, and rewilded yards.

"Personally I find it to be less maintenance [than grass] for a better result but that might be because I'd much rather weed than mow!" they continued. "We still spend a lot of time weeding, planting, deadheading plants, etc but it can be done in small chunks and without really breaking a sweat which is nice. The more time you put in the better it will look."

Users shared their admiration for the original poster's yard in the comment section.

"Congrats! This is beautiful," one user wrote.

"Looks awesome πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ," another user said.

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