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Homeowner's photos show stark contrast between their lawn and the rest of their neighborhood: '[That lawn] is a chemical mess'

"We actually get much more foot traffic down our block."

Native plants landscape free of grass and harmful pesticides

Photo Credit: u/Personal-Positive482 / Reddit

A striking contrast between Reddit photos of two neighboring homes highlights the beautiful possibilities of the growing movement toward rewilding yards. 

"Your house is fun and has excellent taste," one Redditor commented in response to the photos. "The neighbor's is boring and basic."

The first photo features an average yard that could be found in any U.S. suburb with grass, a few tailored shrubs, and not much else. The second photo shows a home surrounded by native plants speckled with beautiful blossoms from the fence to the edge of the road and a large chicken coop warning, "Beware the tiny raptors."

Native plants
Photo Credit: u/Personal-Positive482 / Reddit

As pollinator numbers dwindle and pesticides pollute the soil and water, homeowners are ditching traditional yard spaces in favor of rewilding their property with native plants.

"Looking at the first picture makes me want to start an HOA so we can ban grass lawns," one commenter says.

Not only are traditional yards boring and expensive, but they also lack plants and habitats that are critical to supporting important wildlife like bees and butterflies. Also known as ungardening, rewilding allows the yard or garden to grow untamed without pesticides or chemicals, providing a welcoming space for pollinators and wildlife.

Forward-thinking landscape companies like Yardzen are joining the rewilding trend, offering sustainable design solutions for creating an attractive, beneficial, and unique backyard sanctuary. Through the American Rewilding Project, Yardzen provides guidance and resources that save time, energy, and money by building natural outdoor spaces designed with pollinator-friendly flowers, edible plants, and native trees.

Although homeowners seeking to rewild their yards may encounter pushback from HOAs or city ordinances in some places, most Redditors had few problems and received compliments from neighbors and passersby. "Nobody has complained yet," one Redditor says, "People have commented on the flowers. There is a variety that flower at different times of the year. We actually get much more foot traffic down our block since my wife planted [them]."

"Your yard is beautiful while your neighbors is a chemical mess," one user wrote, summing up the chatter in the comments section. 

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