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Homeowner shares 'stunning' photos of their garden after letting it 'run free': 'This looks amazing'

"I would love to do something similar."

Homeowner shares 'stunning' photos of their garden after letting it 'run free'

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One homeowner on Reddit said they achieved gorgeous results in their yard by simply letting their preexisting garden go. 

Their post appeared in the r/NoLawns subreddit, where users share different strategies for creating beautiful, productive, and low-effort landscaping to replace high-maintenance, expensive grass.

While many homeowners create carefully planned landscaping designs or deliberately sow their favorite seed mixes, one popular option is to simply let a yard go and see what results. In some cases, that results in a diverse collection of wildflowers and native plants that were just waiting for an opportunity.

Wildflower garden
Photo Credit: u/pageofabook17 / Reddit
Wildflower garden
Photo Credit: u/pageofabook17 / Reddit

This time was a little different, as the Redditor said they started with a flower garden instead of a plain lawn. "Sharing the results of the garden left to run free," they said.

In a comment, they added: "This garden was pretty existing before I took over but has been mostly left to roam free. This year I noticed the most new flowers and am excited to see increased diversity."

Their photos showcased the incredible variety of flowers flourishing at the side of their house along a wooden walkway. Seeds and bulbs left from previous years resulted in a gorgeous mix of traditional ornamental flowers and native species. The thick growth reached up to the bottom edges of their windows and sometimes higher.

They also shared many close-ups of the prettiest blossoms, which they said included purple coneflower, bearded iris, wild daffodils, black-eyed Susans, daylilies, Philadelphias, golden ray lilies, bee balm, tulips, butterweed, blue violets, Balkan anemones, and western wallflower. The combination offers food for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

"There may be others mixed in that I haven't identified or noticed," they added.

"This is stunning!" said one commenter after seeing the photos.

"This looks amazing and I would love to do something similar," said another user.

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