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Shopper stunned after discovering stamp on clasp of cheap necklace from thrift store: 'Someone at the store didn't think to check'

"I'm so envious right now!"

"I’m so envious right now!"

Photo Credit: iStock

Sifting through piles of random jewelry at a thrift store might sound daunting to some people. But the hunt is worth it for others and sometimes results in incredible and valuable finds. 

One example came from a recent Reddit post about a 10-carat Italy ball necklace that was about 14 inches long. A lucky thrifter scored the necklace for just $1, far below the actual value of any authentic 10K gold jewelry. 

"I'm so envious right now!"
Photo Credit: Reddit
"I'm so envious right now!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

Commonly used for pendants, earrings, and bracelets, 10-karat gold is made of 41.7% gold and 58.3% alloy. A gram of 10K is currently valued at about $30.83. Similar necklaces to the one in the post sell for $150 or more online.

Once the original poster shared the $1 thrift store price, another Reddit user wrote, "Whaaaaaaat??? I'm so envious right now! I feel like hitting the thrift stores now!"

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"That's why I love going," the original poster replied. "Never know what you're gonna find!"

Not only did the thrift store shopper find a great deal on a necklace, but the lovely piece of jewelry didn't go to waste and was kept out of a landfill. Shopping at thrift stores can be a fun way to curb the environmental impact of fast fashion while elevating your personal style in fun and unique ways. 

As fashion trends come and go, you can save hundreds of dollars by discovering secondhand gems instead of buying brand-new items — all while feeling good about reducing your landfill contribution.

The subreddit r/ThriftStoreHauls is a great place to get inspired by epic finds at secondhand shops, garage sales, pawn shops, and flea markets. With an increasing number of people getting into thrifting, finding designer labels, mint-condition electronics, and even dream wedding dresses in the aisles is becoming more common.

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"I guess that someone at the store didn't think to check it," one Redditor commented. "Lucky you! Great find, congrats!"

"Really cool find! Congrats," agreed another Redditor. 

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