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Home cook shares shockingly simple trick to rid containers of troublesome sauce stains: 'It really works'

"You'll see once you rinse it out, it's completely clean."

"You'll see once you rinse it out, it's completely clean."

Photo Credit: TikTok

A clever hack will save your plasticware from those notorious near-permanent spaghetti sauce stains.

The scoop

In the throes of the coronavirus pandemic, Adi Kempler (@facesbyadi) shared how to clean the containers you thought were beyond saving. All it takes is drops of dish soap, warm water, a paper towel, and a couple of minutes. 

"Put a little bit of dish soap into the Tupperware," the creator said. "Add some warm water. Then you're going to want to add a few pieces of ripped-up paper towel. And then seal it up. And then get to shaking."

@facesbyadi This hack has saved so many of my Tupperware friends. Try it!!!! #fyp #cookingvideos #cookinghacks #lifehacks #hacks #stainremover #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound - adikempler

Kempler said to shake the mixture "vigorously" for 45-60 seconds.

"You'll see once you rinse it out, it's completely clean," they added. "It doesn't have that greasy feel anymore."

How it's working

This trick will give you peace of mind since your containers will be stain-free. It will also help you to avoid unnecessarily replacing them if you thought they were too far gone.

Since plastic is piling up in our environment and harming wildlife, humans, and the planet, it's vital to minimize our consumption of it.

Even when we recycle it, plastic is usually not of a high enough quality to be reused, so it can make its way to a landfill or the ocean. If it is recyclable, it will become trash soon enough. Marine animals can mistake it for food or get trapped in it, which often leads to death.

When plastic degrades over hundreds or thousands of years, it releases microplastics, which have contaminated every corner of Earth as well as our blood, placentas, and semen.

Plastic production annually releases about 200 million metric tons of harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere. These gases contribute to temperatures rising unnaturally and causing more severe and frequent extreme weather events, according to the University of Colorado Boulder. 

What people are saying

"It really works," one user said.

Another asked: "Will try it but if it doesn't come off scrubbing it why would a little soap and paper towel do it?"

"I'm not really sure why it works so well but definitely try it!!!!" the creator responded.

"This is why I have glass [Tupperware]," someone else commented, raising a natural, healthy alternative for when you are ready to go plastic-free.

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