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Woman shares phenomenal end result after transforming pieces of beach plastic into beautiful mirror

"I will absolutely be trying this!"

Crafted mirror using ocean plastics

Photo Credit: @ hannahtizedes / Tiktok

Old plastic might not seem like the key to a beautiful new home accessory, but this TikToker may change your mind with her beautiful mirror made out of plastic waste. 

The user's name is Hannah Tizedes (@hannahtizeds). She posts fantastic DIYs and life hacks, and the stunning mirror she made is no exception. 

Her video details how she walked along the beach looking for plastic that washed up on shore or was left by other beachgoers. After collecting for a while, she bought a used mirror on Facebook marketplace and created a wooden frame for it using scrap wood. 

Tizedes then got to work attaching the plastic bits to her wooden outline, creating a beautiful mosaic to frame the mirror. 

@hannahtizedes Meet my new favorite trashy art piece!! 🥲🌈🪞 I've been making art with trash for a while now, but with so much of my work created for temporary pieces, I wanted to create something that I *loved* and could display in my studio space for the long run! And of course, a pop of color + fun were necessary!! 🎨 I already love it so much! 🤭 Anddd it serves as a beautiful little reminder that the way we treat the earth is a direct reflection of how we treat ourselves. 🌎💭 #TrashArt #BeachPlastic #PlasticPollution ♬ Stolen Dance (Instrumental) - Milky Chance

"I love all the pretty colors and it makes me so happy to look at every day," she says. 

The activity is great for all ages — adults can enjoy making a carefully crafted mirror for their home, and kids will have a blast decorating something to hang in their room. Parents or babysitters could make it into a multi-day project — going for a walk to find the plastic one day and saving the crafting portion for a rainy day when the kids need an activity. 

Plus, if you use discarded materials the way Tizedes did, it is a budget-friendly project, as well. One commenter even suggested making a profit off of the craft and encouraged Tizedes to sell them. 

On top of being cost-friendly and enjoyable, it's also a great way to help out the environment. 

A study released in 2023 estimated that there are 170 trillion plastic particles floating around in the ocean. This plastic gets ingested by marine life and can be deadly. Unfortunately, marine animals prey on each other, meaning that plastic debris is traveling up the food chain and end up in the fish we eat. 

However, projects like this create a beautiful addition to your home (or a way to distract the kids) and help keep the plastic out of your fish dinners, too. 

TikTok viewers were in love with the idea. 

"This is so brilliant!! I will absolutely be trying this!" wrote one. 

Another echoed the sentiment, saying, "Favorite DIY I've ever seen on this app!"

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