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Gardener shares 'brilliant' potting hack to figure out exactly where your plants should go: 'It was a game changer'

"I was joyous."

Hack for planting flowers in garden

Photo Credit: @nikkiplantsthings / Tiktok

A TikTok user has shared a clever hack for speeding up the planting process in your garden — and all it takes is a little water and a big pot.

The scoop

In a popular video, TikTok user Nikki (@nikkiplantsthings) showed off an easy hack for making your planting process more streamlined and simple.

@nikkiplantsthings I LOVE this potting hack… especially for large pots! 😍 Simple, quick and easy! #pottedplants #gardenhack #s#garden#fyp#v#viralp#plantloverp#planttherapyg#greenthumbo#outdoordecoroutside #planthack ♬ Saved My Life - Andy Grammer & R3HAB

First, Nikki shows a large pot that can hold several different plants. She tests the size of the pot by putting all of her plants inside while keeping them in their packaging before putting any soil in the pot.

After determining that the pot is large enough to fit all of the plants, Nikki removes all of the plants and fills the pot about halfway with soil. After this step, she removes each of the desired plants from their smaller packages and places the packages on top of the soil. She then fills the rest of the pot — including the plants' packages — with more soil. 

Once the pot is full of soil, Nikki sprays the dirt with water from a hose, hardening the soil. She then pulls the dirt-filled packages out of the soil, revealing holes that are the perfect size for placing the package-less plants.

How it's helping

Nikki's hack makes the process of laying out the spot for each plant in a pot much more simple. It allows her to visualize the layout of the overall pot and create perfectly sized holes for each plant without having to dig or replace any of the plants.

Maintaining a healthy garden can save you money on produce and herbs and also help enrich the air quality in and around your home, as plants absorb volatile substances from the air, according to The Sill.

What everyone's saying

Users shared their excitement about Nikki's hack in the comment section of her post.

"I have planted in my garden in pots for years and I did this today for the first time and I was joyous, it worked so well!!! 🥰🥰," one user wrote.

"I used this tip and it was a game changer … so much easier! Thank you!!" another user commented.

"Do you have any idea how mad I am at myself for not thinking of this???? BRILLIANT!!!" a third user said.

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