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Shopper finds amazing deal on high-end Nike sneakers after avoiding the brand's retail outlet: 'I received a ton of compliments'

Redditors were surprised by their secondhand success.

Shopper finds amazing deal on high-end Nike sneakers after avoiding the brand's retail outlet

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While shopping at popular retailers can help you keep up with the latest trends, nothing compares to the thrill of finding unique and inexpensive items at thrift stores. One Redditor decided to forgo a group trip to an outlet mall in favor of a secondhand shop, and they're glad they did. 

In a popular Reddit post, the user shared photos of their thrift store haul. They scored a new pair of pink-and-white Nike sneakers and a brass crab pin that complements their favorite thrifted vintage Coach bag. 

"Had a girls getaway and there was interest in outlet shopping. I said no thanks and went to a thrift store I've never been to," the Redditor wrote. "I will forever choose thrifting over retail outlets!"

Nike sneakers
Photo Credit: u/scroobrito / Reddit
Nike sneakers
Photo Credit: u/scroobrito / Reddit

Buying brand-new clothes from your favorite department store may be tempting, but you can still find incredible items for a fraction of the retail cost or a one-of-a-kind item that stands out among trendy clothing. 

The Redditor's friends were surprised by her secondhand success.

"They were astonished by the things you can find at the thrift store! I received a ton of compliments," they said.

Thrifting clothes, shoes, and accessories can help you save money and the environment. 

Savvy thrift shoppers save an estimated $1,700 annually, or $142 per month, by buying pre-owned items. Instead of paying full price at the Nike store, this user likely paid significantly less at the thrift shop. 

The fashion industry is infamous for producing tons of textile waste and requiring loads of resources and dirty energy during production. Thrifting pre-owned clothes can help extend items' life cycles, making the most out of resources used to create them and diverting items from landfills. 

Redditors were impressed with the user's thrift store shopping haul in the comment section.

"Better for the environment anyway," one user wrote

"Love these," a Redditor added. "Hopefully inspires your friends to get thrifting too." 

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