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Homeowner showcases thriving, HOA-abiding landscaping: 'This is my dream'

"This sort of majesty is exactly what's needed."

“This sort of majesty is exactly what’s needed."

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One smart homeowner decided to get the benefits of growing native plants despite their HOA's interference.

While many HOAs insist on traditional turf grass lawns, they're actually a pretty awful landscaping choice. Besides looking boring and not producing flowers or veggies, they absolutely guzzle water, and they need regular mowing and weed control.

Native prairie
Photo Credit: u/AboveAvgDad / Reddit
 native prairie
Photo Credit: u/AboveAvgDad / Reddit

This homeowner had a better idea. "Section of my yard I'm turning into native prairie," they said in their post. "Unfortunately [I] have to stay within certain dumb HOA restrictions, or the whole yard would be this."

Their photos show a corner of their yard separated by a low fence. It's full of thick, thriving plants and flowers, including spotted beebalm, milkweed, sedge, penstemon, Turk's cap, flame acanthus, and firebush. It also includes an assortment of native prairie grasses.

With good planning, native plants like these often don't need any irrigation. "This area of the yard has one of the lowest lying areas, so about 30% of it tends to stay pretty moist," the original poster explained in a comment.

Saving on water is just one of the many benefits of growing native plants. They're also extremely low-maintenance since they don't need mowing and they're adapted to the local weather and soil composition. They're beautiful, adding character to a yard that would otherwise be the same old grass. 

They also feed pollinators like bees and butterflies, supporting the local ecosystem and bringing fascinating wildlife to the garden.

Plus, in the Texas heat, it's smart to choose plants that actually cool off the surrounding area just by living there — which native prairie grasses and flowers do much more effectively than mowed lawns.

Many other homeowners are getting in on this action, trading out grass for native flowers. It makes an incredible difference.

"Beautiful!" said one commenter. "This sort of majesty is exactly what's needed to help inspire your neighbors to consider doing the same."

"This is my dream," said another user. "My scrappy little garden has a long way to go but I will make it!"

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