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Tenant seeks advice on landlord's misguided landscaping demands: 'I was so stunned I couldn't even speak'

"She came in for her annual inspection of the house and went off the rails."

“She came in for her annual inspection of the house and went off the rails."

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There is no property so remote that growing native plants on it won't generate pushback, as this Redditor discovered when living on a small ranch they rented.

"Been living in this house for about a year and a half," they explained in a Reddit post about the conflict. "Sits on 1.5 acres. Nice little ranch with gorgeous property."

To make it even more beautiful, the tenant decided to encourage the flowers that were springing up. "Some of the 'weeds' are actually gorgeous wildflowers which are native to my area and crucial for bee populations, not to mention pretty," they said, citing dandelions and chicory as some of the common ones.

Native plants are great for homeowners and the ecosystem. Since they're used to the amount of rainfall and the temperature in the area, they look healthy and beautiful with next to no extra care or water. As the original poster pointed out, many grow gorgeous flowers.

For insects and other small wildlife, they're often food or shelter. That can be especially important for pollinators, which play a vital role in the environment yet are fragile and vulnerable to habitat loss and insecticides.

While many thoughtful gardeners are happy to keep these species in mind while gardening, the original poster said their landlady was not pleased with their choice. "She's absolutely obsessed with the landscaping," they explained. "Specifically with weeds. And is CONSTANTLY harassing me about pulling weeds, which I do but not to her satisfaction."

So when the landlady came for a visit and saw native flowers, it caused a ruckus. "She came in for her annual inspection of the house and went off the rails over the weeds. Essentially saying … if we didn't keep on top of the landscaping she would find someone willing to do it and give them the property … I was so stunned I couldn't even speak."

The Redditor also said that the landlady threatened their vegetable garden, not recognizing the valuable onions and potatoes as anything except more weeds.

"Just ignore her," one commenter recommended. "You don't owe her an explanation for anything. It's her job to bring the facts and the eviction or notice to quit. Sounds like you should request all communication in writing and consider any further contact harassing behavior."

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