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Gardener shares 'gorgeous' photo of their colorful, low-maintenance lawn meadow: 'This view never gets old'

"So beautiful!"

"So beautiful!"

Photo Credit: iStock

There are many benefits to native plant gardening. Not least among them is the fact that native plant gardens are beautiful and visually interesting.

"This view never gets old," wrote one such gardener, posting a photo in the r/GardenWild subreddit.

"So beautiful!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

The other members of the subreddit, which describes its focus as "Gardening to help and encourage wildlife," were inclined to agree.

"Ooooo gorgeous! r/meadowscaping would also love this, including any process info you could share," wrote one commenter.

"SO beautiful! Thank you for sharing!" wrote another.

In the comment section, the original poster went into a bit more detail about the various native plants in their garden, writing, "Flowering in this picture are three different cultivars of monkeyflowers, multiple penstemon cultivars and two of the straight species, golden yarrow, two cleveland sage varieties, black sage and probably some more!" and adding, "duh and a ton of california poppies."

As indicated by the subreddit's description, native plant gardening isn't only about having pretty flowers — native plants support the local ecosystem by providing pollinators and wildlife with the food sources and habitats they rely on.

In addition, native plant lawns are significantly lower maintenance than traditional grass lawns, saving you time, money, water, and cutting back on your personal pollution footprint. While most grass lawns require excessive water and power tool-involving maintenance, natural lawns require none of those things. 

Even if you're looking for a more uniform look, there are better, more planet-friendly options than grass, such as clover or buffalo grass. The best thing to do is always to look into what grows natively in your area and lean into that, working with nature instead of fighting against it.

Native plant gardening can even lead to unexpected surprises, such as visits from adorable woodland creatures, fresh fruit, and more.

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