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Homeowner shares 'beautiful' progress video after transforming their desert lawn: 'I really love how healthy everything looks'

The homeowner took advantage of the many beautiful plants native to their area.

native plant garden, transforming lawn

Photo Credit: u/_Deadmeat / Reddit

A recent video from a Redditor in Arizona proves a native plant garden can be absolutely gorgeous. 

The r/NoLawns community, where the post first appeared in March, is full of users who are tired of high-maintenance, water-guzzling grass. Many of them have embraced alternatives, including low-water landscaping techniques called "xeriscaping" and the clever use of native plants.

In this case, the homeowner took advantage of the many beautiful desert plants native to their area, helped along by some good weather. "My desert nolawn after a great winter rainy season," they wrote in the post.

The video they uploaded displayed the incredible color and variety of plants found in their yard, including several varieties of cactuses and many flowers. Their landscaping included plenty of creosote, a desert plant known for its captivating smell.

"This is about 2.5 years of leaving litter on the ground, seeding, and planting," the Redditor explained in a comment.

When asked what they meant by "litter," they clarified: "Litter is just organic material like leaves, twigs, etc. I have several mesquite trees which are high in nitrogen so I leave all the leaves and seed pods to decompose and enrich the soil. Same with the annuals when they die. They either get left in place, shredded and scattered throughout the yard, or turned into compost."

Besides using natural, free fertilizer, the Redditor said they also get free water for the drought-hardy plants: "I have cisterns for rain collection in the back that I use to help with watering." 

Not only does this method of gardening save water, money, and time, but it's also helpful for the local wildlife, which can eat or hide under many of these plants. "I can tell that the birds and the insects are real grateful," said one user.

"Yes!" the original poster replied. "It's a little oasis for the birds, bugs, and lizards."

"What a fun space!" said another commenter. "I really love how healthy everything looks." Other commenters agreed, calling the garden "beautiful" and "lush."

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