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Homeowner shares wild transformation photos after ripping out their grass yard: 'I don't know why anyone would want [one]'

"I get the occasional hummingbird."

Native lawns

Photo Credit: u/RealStuff485 / Reddit

In case you haven't heard yet, grass lawns are out, and native lawns are in. One Redditor from California showed us exactly why to pass on grass.

"Last year, I bought a home in California that had an all grass lawn, and I've always thought that was really a shame in a state like ours because of the water situation but also because so many beautiful plants can grow and thrive here on low water," the Redditor wrote, along with their post of multiple photos on the r/NoLawns subreddit. 

"I don't know why anyone would want a grass lawn when they can get a vibrant and colorful (and low maintenance!) yard," they added.

Photo Credit: u/RealStuff485 / Reddit

They went on to explain a bit of their process for converting the lawn, writing, "Most but not all of the plants are California native, but all of them are drought resistant and low water … I also installed an irrigation system since the yard was dug up anyways, and this helps conserve water as well, as less of it is wasted to evaporation." 

And the results speak for themselves. "The yard is an absolute bee magnet, and I get the occasional Hummingbird," they concluded.

As this homeowner pointed out, traditional grass lawns require excessive watering while providing only a fraction of the visual appeal of native plants

In addition, native lawns support a thriving ecosystem, while grass lawns discourage any life that isn't one particular type of grass. And many grass lawns require poisonous herbicides and pesticides for maintenance, while native lawns don't.

Commenters were impressed by this homeowner's efforts.

"That looks really nice. 10/10 would stroll through," wrote one commenter.

"Absolutely beautiful! It's amazing that your yard looks so lush and is low-water too. Thank you for leading the way!" wrote another.

"This is so inspiring! Love that you went with low water in Cali," a third chimed in.

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